A New Manchester Alphabet

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A New Manchester Alphabet is an illustrated collection of new poetry.

In 1906 Roger Oldham, a member of the Manchester Society of Architects, wrote and illustrated a small booklet called A Manchester Alphabet. The Alphabet takes us on a journey around Edwardian Manchester from Ancoats to the (Bellevue) Zoo. Fast forward to 2014, and a copy of the booklet is found on the shelves at Manchester Metropolitan University’s Special Collections.

A New Manchester Alphabet is a snapshot of Manchester in 2015: illustrated by students from the Manchester School of Art and written by poetry students from The Manchester Writing School. This collaboration takes us on a brand new journey around Manchester: from Afflecks, via New Islington, to Ziferblat. A New Manchester Alphabet combines both Alphabets in one book.

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ISBN: 978-1-910029-11-4